Arantia TV middleware

The server is in charge of the distribution of interactive services to the IPTV devices through a powerful and intuitive interface, fully customizable, to meet each customer requirements.
By means of this web-based middleware, the final user will gain access to the configured services: IP television service with channel list that can be customized per user or group of users, electronic program guide, BYOD services (mirroring, casting), messages, general information (weather, sightseeing, latest news…), hotel promotional information (special offers, hotel events, hotel services…), booking and shopping, check guest expenses, wake up alarm, etc. through the television.



  • Based on web technology
  • RAID controller integrated: in case of the failure of one of the hard disk drives, the RAID mirroring function guarantees that the system continues to function
  • Powerful backend with a complete management tool that allows to configure all the system settings and options (rooms, players, services, customized main menu, etc.)
  • Middleware frontend compatible with the most popular end user devices (TV’s and STB’s) deployed in Hospitality IPTV projects. It includes an application for iOS and Android smartphones and gives access to the interactive services that have been configured through the management tool
  • Available services:
    • Integration with PMS and PMS Adapter
    • Welcome message
    • Television
    • Electronic program guide
    • Weather forecast
    • Mirroring
    • Casting
    • STB / TV Apps
    • Messages
    • Information services (Hotel information, tourism, local attractions, etc.)
    • Booking & Shopping
    • Check guest expenses
    • Wake up alarm
    • Express checkout
    • Surveys
    • RSS Feed
    • Multiple languages supported


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