IP Modulator Encoder

Device with two operation modes: as an AV – IP / RF Encoder converting Audio/Video signals into an IP stream and multiple RF signals (DVB-T or DVB-C), or as an AV/IP – RF Encoder converting Audio/Video signals and IP streaming services into one multiple RF channel (DVB-T or DVB-C).


  • Perfect image and audio synchronization
  • Compatible with multiple formats, resolutions, and TV set sizes
  • Editing of all the modulation and encoding parameters
  • Configurable via web interface or PCT5.0 programmer
  • High output power without the need for extra amplification
  • Multi-standard output format
  • Excellent output quality (MER>40 dB)
  • Device monitoring and signal status LED diodes
  • Energy-efficient thanks to their low power consumption
  • Integrated RF combiner and Ethernet switch
  • Remote firmware update
  • Configuration via a web interface embedded in the encoder


Main features
  • Multiple input signal types: HDMI, CVBS, YPbPr, SPdIf audio (ref.563832), etc.
  • HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) function, which can be disabled by the owner with the content provider’s authorization


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