Stand-By for a New Power Generator

The new generators are designed to offer peace of mind and help business stay in control when a power cut occurs

A new range of stand-by gas powered generators has entered the Irish market thanks to leading solutions provider, Zintek. 

The introduction of this range comes after recent statistics revealed that the demand for power in Ireland is anticipated to increase by 57%* over the next ten years following the influx and continued expansion of power-hungry data centers. 

While new energy sources are being developed by energy providers, the current demand is outstripping Grid capacity, and combined with extreme weather patterns, Ireland’s power supply is under increasing pressure and sudden power cuts are likely to occur. 

Paul from Zintek commented: “With questions being raised over the reliability and long-term sustainability of our Grid network, it is critical for consumers and businesses to choose solutions which put them in control of their power.”

The new back-up generator range  are now available this from Zintek, a family owned and operated business with its headquarters in Dublin, will present a range of innovative gas power generators from 8kVa through to 13kVA. 

Based on a new idea of energy, the Pramac HSB Gas generators offer a viable alternative to traditional stand-by diesel sets which are often used in agriculture and production for back-up power. 

With reduced CO2 and particulate emissions, the Pramac HSB generators harness LPG or Natural Gas with a direct connection from the gas mains to the home or business, for total continuity in the event of power failure. 

Paul continues: “The Irish economy must remain commercially competitive, but how can we achieve this if our businesses cannot maintain power and we can’t produce food, milk or meat? 

“As homeowners, we also depend on power and with increasing calls for an electric vehicle network, the Grid will be placed under pressure.  A stand-by power generator for your home or business is no longer a luxury, but a necessity.” 

Designed by Pramac, which has over 60 years in the stand-by power generation sector for industrial and commercial applications, the HSB units are also fitted with Generac® G-Force engine and deliver proven resiliency in times of need. 

Stuart Swalwell, Residential and Consumer Manager from Pramac-Generac UK comments: “We’re really excited about this new range of products in Ireland. Generac generators are currently the 

*  EirGrid, All-Island Generation Capacity Statement 2018-2017

fastest selling generators throughout North America for residential and commercial applications in the event of power failure.”

Zintek currently supplies Technology Solutions and integration across multiple sectors in Irleand including Agriculture, hospitality, retail, corporate, and healthcare. Providing Security and AV Solutions.

Zintek customers who purchase the new Pramac HSB unit will be able to have complete visibility and control of their unit from wherever and whenever via xxxx and will also have access to service schedules to keep sets operational. 

 “We want to offer our customers complete peace of mind and ensure that their business, services and systems are maintained when they need them most,” concludes Paul

For further information please visit or contact Zintek. 


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