Terms & Conditions

Your Services are provided by Zintek System Limited.

If you have a query about any aspect of your contract you can contact us by calling 01 400 8353.

You may have contacted Zintek by phone, online or in-store to place your order for our services. We will confirm the receipt of your order for our services to you. Our team will begin the process of activating or installing your services


Your contract will commence on the date Zintek activate your services.

Your contract continues unless terminated by you or Zintek.

Unless otherwise stated in our communications with you or other documentation that we provide to you, the minimum period of your Contract for our services is twelve (12) months starting on the date we activate your services. This may be 18 months for some customers.

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If you wish to move home you may be able to bring your equipment and service with you, subject to availability of the services in your area.

To learn more about moving home click here to go to our Moving Home web guide or call our dedicated House Move Team on 01 400 8353 ,Monday – Friday 9am to 5pm.

All equipment provided to you to avail of our services belongs to Zintek.

The equipment is provided for use by residential customers and are for residential, non-commercial use only.

Equipment must not be resold, transferred or otherwise distributed for commercial purposes.

To learn more about our equipment and technical support click here.

As a Zintek Customer you can avail of the following support services:

You can access the Zintek Customer Care contact page here.

Follow Zintek on Twitter and Facebook to receive updates and to chat now with our social media support team.

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Zintek aims to resolve any complaint quickly and satisfactorily. You can contact us by calling 01 400 8353, via chat or by using online complaint form here.

You can contact our collector directly on 01 400 8353 or e-mail support@zintek.ie  to arrange a pick up of the equipment.

For collection of equipment under WEEE please click here for more information.

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You can cancel your contract by providing one months notice to Zintek via phone or alternatively, you can write to us at or fill in the web cancellation form here.

If the contract is terminated during your minimum period, cancellation charges may apply.

Cooling-off period – You have the right to cancel your order without giving any reason any time up to 14 days from the later of:  delivery of your equipment or (ii) activation of your services.

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Fees and charges may be applied to your account in some circumstances. Here are all of our additional fees and charges information set out in one handy leaflet.

Offering speeds of 1Gb expected average speed during peak times of 900Mbps to at least 90% of customers on the 1Gb product on a wired connection.

Other factors that may impact the actual speed experienced include the connection from your device(s) to the cable modem & the websites visited.

Wi-Free: When you sign up for Zintek’s Broadband service your modem will automatically offer a second signal for Wi-Free. If you would prefer your modem was not available to other Zintek customers visiting your home you can opt out at any time by logging into My Zintek Ireland. If you choose to opt out, your modem will not offer a Wi-Free service nor will you be able to connect to other Wi-Free networks. You must be a Zintek  Broadband customer & in the home of another participating Zintek Broadband customer to avail of the Wi-Free service. All Zintek Broadband customers can connect to Wi-Free. Wi-Free will give you speeds of 10Mb Download and 2 Mb upload to 3 members of a Zintek household can connect to Wi-Free at a time. 5 Zintek customers can connect to a single modem at a time. The Wi-Free service is subject to our Acceptable Usage Policy. These terms & conditions are in addition to Zintek Ireland’s General Terms & Conditions, a copy of which is available here

Limited Broadband services: These services have a monthly usage allowance of 30GB. If you exceed the usage allowance in any month we will automatically upgrade you to the nearest pack that best meets your needs. Before upgrading we will:
– Send you an email or text message notifying you the first time you exceed the allowance.
– The next time you reach 70% of your allowance we’ll send you an email or text message letting you know that you are close to exceeding your limit again. We won’t communicate with you thereafter about your usage. We suggest you monitor your usage using the tool available.
– In order to send you these notifications you must provide us with a valid email address or mobile phone number when buying this service. For further details on how we may use your email address, or mobile phone number please refer to our Consumer Privacy Policy.
– If you exceed your monthly allowance on two occasions we shall automatically upgrade you to the Broadband pack that best meets your needs.Additional information about our broadband

Additional information about our broadband

Our Internet speeds

Maximum speeds on our network: When we advertise a broadband speed we mean what we say, this will be the maximum download speed you can get on our network.

Normal speeds on our network: As we promise in our advertising, the expected average download speed you typically get at peak times will be:

– on our 250Mb product 245Mb for over 90% of customers.

– on our 500Mb product 490Mb for over 90% of customers.

– on our 1Gb product 900Mbps for over 90% of customers.

  • Upload speeds will be 25Mb for our 250Mb product and 50Mb for our 500Mb product.

Maximum and normal speeds assume all technologies are working at optimum speeds; in practice numerous factors beyond our control can cause speeds to vary. Should you wish to contact us to get further information in relation to our speeds please call us on 01 400 8353.

We will always do our very best to investigate and remedy any issues you are having with your broadband. If you are experiencing a continuous or regularly recurring discrepancy where the speeds you are getting are not in accordance with our Estimated Speeds please contact us by calling 01 400 8353 or by email to support@zintek.ie. We will do our best to resolve your issue in accordance with our Code of Practice. A continuous or regularly recurring discrepancy is one that happens over a period of time for example a one week period or longer and is established by a monitoring mechanism certified by ComReg. In the event we are unable to resolve your issue then you may be able to avail of one of the following remedies:

      – the right to change your service to one that works better for you;

      – a discount; or

      – you may be entitled to terminate your contract with no early termination fee applied.

Other legal remedies you may have include a claim for damages in respect of a breach of contract . Under Consumer Law (for example the Sale of Goods Acts, 1893 and 1980) remedies for breach of contract can include a remedy of the defect that led to the breach, or a right to rescind, or repudiate your contract. Where your claim is for €2,000 or less you can take your complaint to the Small Claims Court. Zintek’s liability is at all times limited in accordance with Clause 13 of our terms and conditions.

We may as part of normal network performance carry out traffic management as part of general network maintenance including the management of any network congestion. These activities do not impact on the quality of the internet service we provide to you and do not impact on your privacy or the protection of your personal data.

We may also be legally required to carry out traffic management when directed by any court, tribunal, regulatory body, police authority or other competent authority as part of any proceedings or investigation. This may require us in these limited circumstances to disclose communications transmitted via our services to such authorities which may include personal data.