IT Field Service Engineer

IT Field Service Engineer

IT Field Service Engineer

Job Description

Join our team as an IT Field Service Engineer where you’ll be at the forefront of solving networking issues and providing top-tier support to our clients. Collaborate with our team to implement solutions, diagnose problems, and ensure smooth operation of server, network, and application infrastructure.
Your role will involve supporting both ongoing projects and day-to-day operational tasks, all while prioritizing customer satisfaction and the effective use of IT resources within our organization. This is an opportunity to grow and refine your skills while making a real impact.

Main Responsibilities

• Provide 3rd level support as needed.
• Investigate and diagnose issues.
• Produce high-quality documentation.
• Guide and mentor other field service engineers.
• Support existing IT services with updates and improvements.
• Handle day-to-day IT tasks


• Proficiency in desktop and server operating systems (Windows, Unix).
• Strong knowledge of web services (VMWare, Azure, Office 365, etc.).
• Proficiency in scripting languages (PowerShell, CMD, Bash).
• Familiarity with LAN/VLAN/WAN technologies.
• Experience with remote desktop tools (AnyDesk, TeamViewer, etc.).
• Experience in setting up and maintaining IPTV systems.


• Provided laptop and phone. • Company functions.

Minimum Qualifications

• IT certifications or equivalent experience (CompTIA, CCNA, etc.).
• Minimum 2+ years of experience in a similar role.
• Confident manner with excellent technical and operational capabilities.
• Strong organizational skills.
• Problem-solving and troubleshooting skills.
• Strong written and verbal communication skills.

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