Zintek fibre broadband for your business or home with NBI

National Broadband Ireland is committed to delivering gigabit broadband to over one million people across Ireland. If your business is in the roll out path- or if that is something you want to check – get in touch with Zintek.

What we offer?

Fast broadband

Fast 500 Mbps or even faster 1000 Mbps broadband! Ideal for gaming and multi device streaming.

5-GHz Wi-Fi

​Dual wireless – Simultaneous use of the 5-GHz and 2.4-GHz band depending on your needs.

reliable connection

​Faster download and upload speeds, plus even stronger WiFi signal in your company.

Secured Wi-Fi

​All businesses are now expected to have working
Wi-Fi for their staff and customers, whilst offering open Wi-Fi or handing out a wireless key to your router maybe the easy way but it’s similar to handing a stranger keys to the front door.

Zintek can provide you with a secure Wi-Fi with remote management. We will design the network for you to give a full secure managed system, employing security gateways, firewalls, access points and outdoor antennas.

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