Network Installations

Network Installations

Our project management team excels at developing solutions for all your business problems.

All businesses are now expected to have working Wi-Fi for their staff and customers, whilst offering open Wi-Fi or handing out a wireless key to your router maybe the easy way but it’s similar to handing a stranger keys to the front door.

Alongside our partners, Zintek can provide you with a secure Wi-Fi with remote management. We will design the network for you to give a full secure managed system, employing security gateways, firewalls, access points and outdoor antennas. Remote management will give you the confidence of knowing that Zintek can reply instantly if ever an issue appears, or to change any security settings within minutes.

Zintek already have a proven record of working Wi-Fi solutions of over 100 access points in vital industries.

Benefits Include:

  • Manage your customers/guests Wi-Fi usage
  • Evenly distribute bandwidth between customers and staff
  • Gather customer information for e-marketing
  • Display special offers/menus or conduct surveys
  • Create a be-spoke login page
  • Improve security though separate networks
  • Managed remotely
  • Full implementation from start to finish including ongoing support