Project Management

Project Management

Many times, a customer will come to Zintek with a vague idea of a solution to a problem that exists within their business.

This is where Zintek’s project management team shines.


Zintek will work with you to guide you through the project from start to finish. In collaboration with our technical experts we will find the solution for your needs, offering the latest technology through our various partners’ supply chains. We will focus on customer input, value for money, user experience, efficiency and customer satisfaction. All the way through the project lifespan, Zintek will work with full transparency encouraging input from you the customer at all stages. You will be made completely comfortable with the solution and the proposed implementation before any work goes ahead.

We can offer scale to any project and have experience rolling out new products and services to 100’s of locations around the whole of Ireland to extremely tight schedules. We have successfully completed many large-scale projects over the years and are ready to help you through yours.

With a plan completed by your individual project manager, Zintek will offer you:

  • Planning and Consultancy
  • Concept and Design
  • Site Surveys
  • Health and Safety procedures
  • Stock Management
  • Pilot installation and testing
  • Installation and Commissioning procedures
  • Staff training procedures
  • After Sales support and available service level agreements
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